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Name State/Province Location Type
V Twin Brewing Co. WA Brewery
Vagabond Brewing OR Brewery
Vail Brewing Co. CO Brewery
Valcour Brewing Co. NY Brewery
Valholl Brewing WA Brewery
Valkyrie Brewing Co. WI Brewery
Vallensons' Brewing TX Brewery
Valley Brewing Co. WA Brewery
Valley River Brewery & Eatery NC BrewPub
Valor Brewpub DC BrewPub
van der Brew ME Brewery
Van Gogh's Microbrewery & Pizza GA BrewPub
Vancouver Island Brewery BC Brewery
Vander Mill MI BrewPub
Vander Mill MI BrewHouse
Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery VA Brewery
Vanish Beer VA Brewery
Vanished Valley Brewing MA Brewery
Variant Brewing GA Brewery
Vasen Brewing Co. VA Brewery
Vashon Brewing Co. WA Brewery
Vault Brewing Co. PA BrewPub
VB Brewery NY Brewery
Vector Brewing TX BrewPub
Vegas Brewing Co. NV Brewery
Vegetable Hunter PA BrewPub
Veil Brewing Co. VA Brewery
Venn Brewing Co. MN Brewery
Vennture Brew Co. WI Brewery
Ventura Coast Brewing CA Brewery
Veracious Brewing CT Brewery
Verboten Brewing Co. CO Brewery
Verde Brewing Co. AZ BrewHouse
Verde Brewing Co. AZ Brewery
Verge Brewing (planned) OH BrewPub
Vermont Pub and Brewery VT BrewPub


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